Episode 1: Project Manager Super Powers


The Baroness


This year, I celebrate 10 years in Project Management.  I find myself surprised when Project Manager’s just starting out in their careers ask me for advise.  After all, I still feel so new in the profession myself.  Still, I am compelled to part what wisdom I can in hopes that they can avoid some of my pitfalls.  Usually my first word of advice is to discover your super power.  Yes, that is right, I said Super Power.  As project managers we all have a super power.  The one area we are really good at, more than all the others.  Being a Project Manager is a tough job, with many skills to master.  Along your career, mastering all those skills might seem overwhelming.  Find the one skill to master that will be our super power.  Develop and utilize that super power which will help you define the Project Manager you are to become.

So what is my super power?  Well, my super power is Team Engagement.  I think there is nothing like that first kick-off meeting when the team sits down together for the first time.  There is a sense of excitement and curiosity.  That is the moment when as a project manager I can first amaze them with my super power.  I love using games to get the teams out of their seats and start working together.  I know, the quicker I can get the team moving around and thinking, the quicker the team will engage in the project.

If I have a super power then I must have a super hero name, right?  Yes, I do. My super hero name was given to me by my team.  In fact, my first encounter was when the symbol was first pinned to my cube wall.  I found it after returning from lunch.  Quickly the name started popping up when people referred to me.  So, I guess much like Spider Man or any of the others I embraced my name.  I am now referred to as the Baroness of Project Management (or Baroness).  Oh and yes, I still have that symbol on my cube wall.  If you aren’t familiar with the Baroness, I encourage you to check her out.  She has some skills that make her a “killer” PM.