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Episode 23: Tweet the Vision

In the last episode we learned that a successful team starts with team members being able to commit to the goal.  In a smaller project the task is made easier to rally the team around the goal.  However, in a larger project with team members that are distributed geographically it can be difficult to ensure team members are committed to the goal.  As a Project Manager, I like to use group exercises that help re-enforce project goals.  One exercise I have developed to communicate the project goals or vision is a “tweet”.  This exercise is taken from the popular social media site Twitter and is a great activity for the kick-off meeting.

Activity Name: Tweet the vision

Equipment Needed:

  • Index Cards
  • Pens
  • Tape


Ensure that all team members understand the goals of the project and are aligned to a common vision.


1. Ask team members to write a vision statement based on their knowledge of the project.  The statement must communicate the vision in just 140 characters.  Note: You may need to explain Twitter to team members unfamiliar with the social media site.

Twitter is an online social networking that utilizes small blog type posts enabling users to send and read “tweets”.  Every user is limited to just 140 characters.

2. After all team members have had a chance to write the vision tweet go around the room and ask each team member to read their tweet to the project team.  The funniest part of this exercise is hearing the tags team members add to the project.

3. Collect all the index cards and tape them to a common place on a wall or door.  This allows team members to get up and read the tweets during breaks and continue to re-enforce the project goals through out the meeting.


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