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Episode 109: Be Inspired

In almost every superhero’s story there is that point where he feels defeated and wants to give up. Yet always, there is the person in the story who is always a voice of inspiration.  The one that speaks some words of wisdom and from that, the superhero finds renewed energy and purpose. Lucky for us we don’t have to wait for that person to come along.  There is wisdom all around us. Don’t believe me?  Just open Facebook, linkedin, or Slideshare (among the countless other social media platforms) and you will be bombarded with inspirational quotes.

I recently read a post that said “Find what you love and do it everyday”. That quote struck something within me when I read it. Maybe because I didn’t always love what I did. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have had a great career with some really great companies. I just wasn’t really “inspired” until I discovered project management. Once I discovered the world of PM, I knew I wanted to do it everyday.  That is also why I teach it and why I am writing this blog.  I love project management and I am glad to do it everyday!

Along my project management journey, I have picked up quotes that for whatever reason meant something to me.  Following are a some of my favorite quotes that have brought me renewed energy and guided me along the way…

  1. A change in direction does not mean the team failed. The path to the end goal is filled with twists and turns.  As more becomes known about the project we may often realize that where we were headed wasn’t where we needed to be.  Lead the team through the change but don’t be afraid of change.
  2. There is always a better way to do something. This is so true, I have often been surprised to think I was executing to textbook only to have someone with an idea that was perfect.  Sometimes we just get so focused that what we need is to come up and look around.   Listen to what others have to say.  Their idea could be better.
  3. Don’t let best get in the way of better. I am such a perfectionist.  I will spend so much time ensuring that all the boxes line up and the fonts are consistent.  In the end, that isn’t what people notice.  They are looking for content.  There is usually an opportunity for revision so don’t wait until it’s perfect to share.
  4. Shout great news publicly but whisper bad news privately. Doesn’t this seem logical? Think about it, how happy were you when someone publicly announced your bad news?!  We all appreciate kindness and subtlety.  We also appreciate a little applause when we do something well.  Think about how to share the news before communicating.
  5. The cost to do it right will outweigh the cost to redo it after it was done wrong. You have been there. Faced with the decision to move quickly in order to meet the deadline or miss the deadline to ensure quality.  What I have noticed is that people will not remember you were 2 weeks late but they will remember how painful it was to clean up the mess.  There just isn’t a good reason to sacrifice quality.
  6. Find what you love and do it everyday!

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