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The Power of Communities

I realize you haven’t heard from me lately.  It is not that I have been hiding out or busy fighting with villains of project management.  Actually, I have been working hard on a project that has been secret until now.

Over the course of the last few months I have had the honor of working with ODTUG in the 2016 Leadership Program.  This has been a great experience that has given me opportunities to meet amazing people.  In addition, I have been able to tap into a wealth of support and resources that have helped me to grow my EPM knowledge.

I am excited to share the work that has been going on in the Leadership program with the launch of ODTUG’s new Career Track Community.  This community is 2 fold.  First, it is targeted at recent college graduates that are starting out in their careers and looking for resources on Oracle products.  Second, it is for those who may find themselves in a career change and are looking to expand their knowledge of Oracle products.

If you or someone you know fits these scenarios then please check out the new community site at .  You can also follow the community at #orclcareer on Twitter for new information.  This community is a must have for those in Oracle careers.

Don’t forget to share with others in your network who could also benefit by adding  #orclcareer to their tool belt.



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